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I’m going to be blunt with you

Your team wiki/document folder sucks. The structure you made has deteriorated. Forget finding anything; your team doesn’t even put anything there anymore. All colleagues lost their trust in it when they only found old documents there. The only thing its good for now is hiding the report the intern wrote.

You could start over, clean it up, and create new folders, but you know it will turn out into the same mess soon enough.

“If only people followed my structure...” WRONG. No-one ever interprets your folder names just like you do, and they don’t care.

Triqla is a new way to share short meeting notes and other articles with your team. It looks like a social network feed. Why? What do you think people prefer, scrolling through the latest or clicking through endless old folders? Triqla self-organizes, the latest is always on top, and old articles trickle down out of sight, so no-one ever reads the old before the new.

We even highlight changes, so you never have to re-read anything.

Stop using shitty wikis and paper documents, try Triqla.

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