Self-organizing documents
for evolving plans

Triqla is a note-taking / news feed mix for teams with evolving plans. Our focus is on making sure all team members are up to date when things change. It's the perfect platform for decision such as meeting notes, designs, and instructions.

Triqla is not a wiki with stale unread documents. We emphasize the latest, most up to date information.

Start by sharing your meeting notes; more colleagues will follow their evolution because, as we all know, the plans will change.

Triqla is currently in alpha

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Realtime collaboration

Collaborate on the same article in realtime.

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Highlighted unseen changes

Triqla highlights articles and changes you haven't seen yet. So everyone will be on the same page when the plan changes.

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Short articles sorted by date

Stop hiding your information in folders, outlines, and walls of text.

You will always find the latest information with our smart sorting, even if you're slow to remove old articles.

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Group Channels

Relevant information by area of expertise, project, or location.

Everyone can't read everything.


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